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robin's Blog
Pushing my limits
Aug 19, 2010

I have found that i really respect men who push me beyond what i think my limits are.  When i whine and whimper like a little girl and say i can't take any more, a man who persistently insists that i continue to pleasure him does gain my respect and admiration.  

Demanding hands guiding me by my hair or ears or hips also help me understand his needs.

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Comments: 11
Posted by densub on Jan 30, 2013
I love it when a man holds my head and forces his cock into my mouth!
Posted by johnnylittll on Apr 28, 2012
love your story
Posted by Lkg2ServicePHL on Jan 02, 2012
I'm happy to be told what he wants to get him off. I LOVE when i'm on my knees and he has me eat his ass. i find that gets me a bigger load. I also like to be naked and on my knees when he walks in. whatever he wants he gets. lube is always nearby in case he decides he's going to blow his load in my ass instead of down my throat. i have one rule - cum must be shot in me. i have one buddy i service on a regular basis. i've only seen his load once, in over 10 years - and that's because we were doing a group and i was being fucked and sucking another cock. i'm always hungry, but if a guy wants to believe he's "making" me swallow his load, i'm happy to play along.
Posted by cocksuckerbrucie on Oct 19, 2011
I agree I love sucking a strong guys cock and being dominated and humiliated by him telling me I better do it better and what a little cock I have then cum on my face and make me lick it off and eat it to show who is in charge,Brucie
Posted by swallower on May 23, 2011
I to want to be gang raped I love the taste and feel of a cock going into my mouth and feeling it tighten up when he is about to bust a nut into my warm wet waiting mouth,I do not want it all overmy man sized tits that are used for fucking I want it all down my throat.My desire is to have one in my mouth,one in my ass, one in each hand and then after they pop they all switch,I have never been ass fucked but want to feel it sliding in & out want to feel the cream indise me like a women wants to feel cum inside her pussy.I am a cum jism lover I want more everyday.Wife doesnt help in any way,so what the hell men give better head we know what we want & how to give and take it.all I can say is bring on the cum.If you have worked a cock for 5 10 or 15 minutes and you feel it start to sweel even more swallow it down your throat enjoy every inch of it,forget the hands behind the head I want to suck and deepthroat it I dont need any help.Just keep shooting hot cum into my mouth and Throat......
Posted by luvmanjam on Mar 06, 2011
I also like the idea of being video taped while sucking many cocks and recieving multiple loads one right after the other. I have a young university age guy I suck off regularly. Last Saturday night he suprised me by having his well hung friend there and wanting a blow job as well. Needless to say both hunks got off nicely and there wasn't a drop wasted!
Posted by Heat980 on Feb 27, 2011
I always say I won't. I make up my mind and say, "I'm just going to suck him and jerk him off on my face". But, it never ends that way. As he starts to thrust, faster and faster, fucking my mouth and holding my head in his hands, I fell him push his hard cock down my throat faster and faster and I long to be his ultimate bitch. I find myself wrapping my arms around his ass. I want to be that bitch and I am determined that he is going to fill me so he knows my mouth is one of the best into which that man will ever shoot his load. My arms tighten so he can't pull out. I need every drop. I want every drop. I love the smell, the flavor and that slippery, silky smooth texture! Ummmm, I love cum! Heat
Posted by cumsuker on Feb 13, 2011
i have yet to be taen by 2 or more men but am putting the word out with the guys i do suck i dream of having 10 guys cumming down my throat then getting fucked if this happens everybody here will be the first to know.cumsuker 4ever!!
Posted by Lynncee on Feb 01, 2011
I love to be had by more than one man. I love feeling slutty and taking many loads of cum.
Posted by yelpingQ on Jan 20, 2011
Yes, I want a man to use me hard then pass me around to his friends and encourage me to take everybody's load. Fuck my throat and ass, then lie me on the floor and shoot your cum all over me. Piss on me and take videos of me being the whore of the night.
Posted by el502002 on Aug 29, 2010
Where r u? California here